Monday, May 27, 2013

Vault 3_Day 2: Big Vault Attempt

Since we were able to meet our goal to finish the foundations the previous day, the team was able to start right away. We began by establishing the hight and amount of curvature of the catenary by once again hanging a chain on the wall. We always seem to forget how long this part of the process takes and how carefully it must be done since the entire construction depends on the accuracy of the guides. By mid day we were tiling however and had lots of help from fellow students who had spent the last couple days practicing building small arches and learning the technique using plaster. The work went fairly smoothly and quickly for this first day building at full scale. The problem of course is completing the first arch. Unfortunately by days end we were rushing to complete it and one of the two sides collapsed before we could close it up. Still, we learned a lot and it was great practice.

Big thanks to Bobby Lu, Ryan Koella and Moira Nadal for helping out all day long!

measuring out the arch width

marking the ends

Erik bending the rebar.

stringing the guidelines between the two rebars

the completed guides

ready to start tiling

and we're off! all hands on deck!

 slowly by slowly

our expert team of chemists

getting there...

look how thin that is!

getting a little nerve wracking

teamwork is key

you could almost imagine what it would look like complete

so so so close

the last picture before one side collapsed