Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vault 2_V2: Saddle Vault - Plaster

Although feeling a little defeated from the failure of the first attempt, we decided we had to try the saddle vault again. Basically what happend the first time is we built the walls up much to quickly and ignored the fact that it is imperative to close one of the edge arches immediately. The result was two very heavy walls cantilevered out with no support. With this in mind and a reduced amount of trust in the method, here is try number two.

 Using a similar technique as before, a staggered pattern is used on the edge. This allows the growing arch to be tied back the rest of the structure. Eventually, the arches have to spring on their own.

flying arms of the arch. 

delicious cantilever

first arch complete! now the whole process is much easier because the walls are finally being supported.

building up second arch at the other end of the vault

with the second arch complete, now its on the the shorter, middle arch.

just have to fill in between the arches.

and there it is...the Mother's Day Saddle Vault.

already starting to think about the second layer.