Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vault 2_V2: Saddle Vault - 2nd Layer

With the plaster layer complete we were able to start on the second layer of tiles. The geometry of this vault is tricky so we had to pay fairly close attention to the pattern of these tiles, but having had some experience from the first vault we were also able to experiment with some intention.

working on both sides of the vault makes progress go much faster

working on trowel skills

little demonstration of technique

 Peter Martinez being trained in as a mason for the big build.

Ryan Koella being trained

Kelly training Alyssa Olson in tile vaulting

Since we were simultaneously planning for the big build and running out of our red brick veneers, we ended up having to drop everything and run to get materials. Kelly and I rented a van and drove to CAVA to buy tiles and some mortar.

brainstorming the structure for the big vault

packing up the van with our tiles

and that's what 2400 tiles look like

Later we were able to return to working on the saddle.