Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vault 2_V1: Catastrophic Failure

Having had great success with the first vault (and classes at UPenn finally over) Kelly and I set out to challenge ourselves a little. The saddle vault is a good way for us to challenge our abilities with the tile vaulting technique and try a type of barrel vault. Due to the increased complexity of the geometry it is a little harder to build, but in should work.

our guides - made of wire and string
foundation: 4 sheets of plywood screwed together, (8) CMU blocks, (1) 2x4 to secure blocks to ply
here, we are building up the first rows of tiles. the first row is doubled for increased structural support.

building up both sides
getting there. everything is still in cantilever!

seems like we were almost there until...

catastrophic failure

somehow the other side still stood...for a few minutes

cleaning up the wreckage