Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kisumu to Mfangano: Materials and Transport

Our first leg of the trek to Mfangano is a stop in Kisumu - the 3rd largest city in Kenya. Here, our field consultant Adam and the EK Guild forman Gabby met us and helped locate and purchase materials.
 testing the kenyan plaster with rocks, just as we did with Fernando and Camilla

rolling the 1000 liter water tank down the road 

loading up the pickup

all tied down

From Kisumu we drove to the Luanda Ferry. The drive should have taken about two hours. 
We made in about 1hr 15min... 


view from the Ferry

our supplies

The Ferry took us to MBita where we had to cross the causeway and load all the gear, equipment and materials into another boat. Guild members Mike and Elijah brought the boat over from Mfangano and were waiting for us when we got to Mbita.

pushing the gear with "donkey carts"

 boat full of gear...now off to Mfangano!


 Mike, Elijah and Kelly

 the approach to Mfangano Island