Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Site Prep and Ground Breaking

We didn't really spare any time after getting to Mfangano and jumped right into working on the new EK FM radio station. We had a number of meetings with the EK executives, and the guild to talk through the construction technique as well as what was needed programmatically for the operation for the radio station. At the same time we started to think about the soils that we would use for making the compressed stabilized earth blocks and tiles.

Adam and Kelly collecting soil samples from a neighboring village

the first schematic sketch of the new radio station

Elijah cutting a pipe for our soil pestle

On Tuesday June 11th we presented a few options for the placement of the studio on the EK community center compound. After a lot of thought and discussion it was decided the best placement for the new radio studio was centered with the courtyard. The final placement of the tent is still up in the air, but we feel we have some time to decide that still. Options 2 shows that there is room to place the tent adjacent to the radio studio on the side closer to the latrine or to actually split the tent into two pieces shown in Option 3.

option 1

option 2 

 option 3

Site preparation commenced once we came to a unanimous decision that it was best to put this building on display and fit within the whole site plan of the compound. The guild had their first day of work laying out lines to mark out where we would dig trenches.

We officially broke ground on Thursday June 13th. That morning we had a little preparing to do before starting to dig. We laid some white powder on the ground as guides for the foundation trenches and had a small ceremony which included all the members of the Guild (Gabs, Sam, Mike and Elijah), EK director Richard, and a few people from the EKFM  .

 Samwell - director of radio operations - breaking ground.