Thursday, June 27, 2013

Foundations/Footings: Pt. 1

Progress on the footings and foundations are moving very quickly. In a little over a week and a half we went from ground breaking to having all the trenches dug out, we fabricated all the steel reinforcement and poured the ring beams! All of these efforts are rapidly progressing in order to pour the floor slab as soon as possible. We've been luck to have an amazing team of guys working tirelessly so we can meet our goals in good time.

the finished trenches

vertical support for the ring beam

compacting the sub-soil in the trenches

pouring a first layer of concrete in the trenches

securing the ring beams

steel reinforcement

Ever wonder how we get our materials to the island? They are delivered by a canoe from the mainland. When they arrive, materials are typically thrown into the water and we have to fish them out and carry them to the work site.

with all the steel in place, its time to pour the ring beams

mixing concrete by hand

getting close...

pouring is absolutely exhausting. after lunch a nap is necessary

starting to look like something