Thursday, July 25, 2013

Formwork and Guidework

With the walls complete the team can begin to focus on the roof. We begin by installing our formwork and guide work. We decided to build formwork using rebar for the two end arches and the middle arch - dividing the office from the broadcast room. The end arches are extended outward with welder's mesh to make an overhang for protection against sun and rain. These end arches were given some additional support with wood poles.

binding wooden supports at back arch

front arch - measuring height for wood pole

supports installed in front

Once the end arches are fixed and fully supported we measured the length (around) of each arch and divided them equally. Next, we run bright colored strings that give us a visual guide for the shape of the vault. Just like in our previous prototypes we get complex curvature by offsetting the strings. To better visualize the shape of the vault we ran the strings in both directions and weaved them together to create a sort of saddle vault fishnet.