Monday, July 29, 2013

Ferro-Cement Prep

We began preparing for building the roof in ferro-cement on July 24th. In order to make the switch from tiles to ferro we had to buy some additional rebar as well as welders mesh, chicken mesh and some wood poles for additional support and reinforcement. The prep took only three days.

first we run rebars along are string lines

then anchor the roof structure to the wall

next we start to lay welders mesh (structural) over the 
whole structure and reinforce with wood poles

binding mesh to rebars

Gaby is all smiles

taking shape

full shape with the welders mesh

then we stabilize the structure with wood poles
until Mike can climb on top of the welders mesh structure

and then so two guys can climb on top

next, the chicken mesh - much finer - is laid over the top

binding and weaving the chicken mesh with wire

in very little time the whole structure is covered