Monday, January 20, 2014


For two weeks in November the PennDesign Dean's Office sponsored an exhibition that aimed to highlight recent student work that has brought together the ideas of collaboration, construction, and social/communal impact.

Work was featured by:

ACTIVATE: collaborative constructions for social impact

The ACT of building is inherent to our discipline. So why not build?

This exhibition highlights projects in which PennDesign students have used construction as a means of not only fully executing a design idea, but also as a catalyst for social or cultural impact. Each project focuses on different scale of impact: from right here at Meyerson Hall all the way to the most remote places on earth. In each, model-making, prototyping, and full scale constructions actively bring together and empower the communities they are engaging with.

The organizers of this exhibition would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Dean’s Office, without whom this would not be possible.

Thanks to:
Kelly Berger, Erik Leach, and Kordae Henry, EKFM Team
Gray Garmon, GLP/S+S
Alyssa Olson, Founder+Facilitator, CO+Lab

Special Thanks to:
Eric Wong, Exhibition Consultant
Lindsay Rule, Documentation

Exhibition consultant Eric Wong, giving some advice

setting up a demonstration of the our form-finding technique

Eriko-Baba under the string vault

Gray, putting up the full-scale GLP prototype

Global Latrine Project/Small+Small

amazing little model

Alyssa Olson and Adam Achrati (left), Josh Berliner and Gray Garmon (right)

Lindsay Rule (left), Erik Wong (right) 

CO+Lab getting set up

CO_Lab stools

EKFM Studio Project
(yes, we brought in the groin vault from outside)

String Vault Theatre