Friday, August 9, 2013

Dividing Walls_Prep

Even though the student research team left the island, work on the future EKFM radio studio continues at full pace. Getting the first hull of the roof completed was a huge step toward completion, so the work that remains is much more focused on non-structural dividing walls, doors and windows, and finishings. We are very lucky to have EK Radio presenter Nancy "Naz" Sungu who has agreed to take photos for us to document every step along the way in our absence. We thank her greatly for putting in the time to send us photos everyday.

Muogah finishing the block walls on 
front, middle and rear divisions

middle block wall completed up to 29" (desk height)

meanwhile, Mike welds the front door/window structure

very quickly the structure is complete, installed, and just like
with the roof, welders mesh is put in for the ferro-cement infill

Mike binding the welder's mesh to the frame

Elijah and Sam putting finishing touches on the welder's mesh

as work progresses on the front, the structure for 
the rear wall is installed too

next, chicken mesh is applied over the welders mesh

Sam and Elijah finishing the chicken mesh

detail of the rounded-triangle window/screen