Monday, April 8, 2013

For the second build, I wanted refine my technique of laying out the tiles to make an arch. I used the form-work (plywood guide) again to help achieve the correct curvature. Full size tiles were used this time (instead of breaking them in half). I also did my best not to lay the tile on the form-work. This way I could ensure that the tiles and mortar were working in cantilever.

solo-building work setup: everything within arm's reach.

the gap. making sure the tiles are in cantilever.

remove the form-work for the last tile. 

I made a second arch - his time I built it without any form-work. This meant I had to do my best to lay the tiles in the correct curvature and make the two cantilevering sides meet. I also wanted this arch to be wider and flatter compared to the first arch. The bricks where split in half for material economy.

In the end, the second arch worked but one side flattened out too quickly which resulted in a lop-sided arch. It was still pretty amazing to see seven tiles in such a flat cantilever. Later in the day I was poking at the second arch it collapsed. Tomorrow is our first formal lesson with Camilla and Fernando. We are planning on building a complete vault!